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5 Signs Your Home Might Be Infested by Termites


Termites may be tiny, but they sure can cause a lot of damage to your property. And what’s worse is that termite damage is not always observable to the untrained eye. By the time you are aware of a termite attack, it’s all too late.

But don’t worry, Adept Pest Control, an expert pest control company, will teach you what to look for so you can detect termite infestation in the early stages:

  1. Discarded wings
    Have you spotted a couple of tiny, translucent wings by your window sills, door frames, or basement? These are often left by mature termites when they leave the colony in search of a new habitat. Once they find a new home, they shed their wings as they are no longer needed. If you spot a pile of wings within your home, you should reach out to our services on pest control in Texas as soon as possible. This is often the first and most visible sign of an ongoing termite attack, so make sure you take note of it.
  2. Mud tubes
    Have you seen raised bumps on the ground? These mud tubes are often used by a subterranean species of termites to gain access from their colony to their food source which ultimately could be your home. Mud tubes are often spotted at the foundation of your house, so be sure to watch out for those.
  3. Small, wood-colored pellets
    While dusting around the wooden sections of your home, have you observed something akin to small brown pellets? They might actually be frass or termite droppings, a tell-tale sign that these creatures are taking advantage of your home. Don’t let termites turn your house into a meal! Call a pest control professional now.
  4. Hollow wooden furniture/walls
    Try knocking on one of your walls, doors, or any other furniture made of wood. If the noise that echoes back sounds hollow, it’s a sign of a progressive termite attack. That means these tiny creatures have already consumed a good portion of your home. Take action to stop it now by reaching out to us.
  5. Tree damage
    Check around to see if the trees in your backyard look blistered or have holes in them. Termites start eating wood from the inside out, so trees might not always look infested. But if you tap it and it sounds hollow, you should request pest control to deal with it.

Don’t wait too long to get pest control services in Little Elm, Texas.

The sooner you get the problem solved, the easier you will be able to salvage your property and keep your loved ones safe. This holds true not just for a termite infestation, but also for pest such as ticks, mice, rat, termites, rodents, etc.

Set an appointment with us today. We will rectify the issue as soon as possible. If you have any other concerns or questions about the topic, give us a call.

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