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Clients can rely on our expertise to help free them from pests and the troubles they bring with them through our pest control services in Little Elm, Texas.

house interiorAdept Pest Control was established by Eben and Brenda Glover in Little Elm, Texas in 2018. Adept Pest Control takes a responsible approach to all matters related to pest control and use of pesticides. We understand which conditions attract them to homes. Unlike traditional exterminators who over-spray dangerous chemicals, APC uses earth-friendly products to target problem areas and remove pests for the long term. Best of all we have products that are organic, pet/ kid friendly options are available upon request.

Mission Statement

To help residential and commercial owners regulate the presence of pests and rodents in their properties by providing effective pest control and quality rodent extermination. We are dedicated to providing clients with consistent and reliable service in a timely and professional manner. We strive hard to ensure that worrying about pests will be no more.

Vision Statement

To become the leading pest control company in Texas by staying informed to current innovations that allow us to more efficiently solve even the most stubborn of situations in a manner that will not put your home family or pets in harm’s way. Our products are continuously transformed based on the recent safe solutions in the industry. We are aware of the implications of our every assignment to the legal, public relations, and environmental aspects. It is always our goal to keep living environments safe and healthy by properly applying all approved techniques and materials for pest control and rodent extermination.

Bios of Owners

  • Eben Brown Glover: Certified applicator and termite
  • Thompson: Ph. D. in Entomology
  • Matine: Master in Soil Science
  • Brenda Sowah: Human Resource Manager